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About Course

Programming in Python – The GCSE Computer Science AQA  course equips students with the essential knowledge and practical skills needed in computer science. Through eight comprehensive units, students delve into the integral components of this field, fostering a deep understanding of concepts, techniques, and their applications.

The units covered  are:

  1. Fundamentals of algorithms
  2. Programming
  3. Fundamentals of data representation
  4. Computer systems
  5. Fundamentals of computer networks
  6. Cyber security
  7. Relational databases and structured query language (SQL)
  8. Ethical, legal and environmental impacts of digital technology on wider society, including issues of privacy


Programming in Python 2

This unit is ‘Programming in Python 2’ from the AQA 8525 specification.

Continue your Python programming journey with our advanced 7-lesson unit, following directly from “Programming in Python 1”. This curriculum is designed to delve deeper into the nuances of Python, broadening your expertise and preparing you for more complex projects.

  • Lesson 1: Data Structures – 2D Lists Elevate your data management skills by exploring two-dimensional lists. Learn to organise, access, and manipulate multi-layered data, setting the foundation for intricate applications.
  • Lesson 2: Data Structures – Dictionaries Dive into Python’s powerful dictionaries. This dynamic data structure allows for key-value pair storage, ensuring quick retrievals and a structured way to manage information.
  • Lesson 3: File Handling Step beyond in-memory data! Discover the art of reading, writing, and manipulating external files, ensuring your programs can store and retrieve data for long-term use.
  • Lesson 4: Validation and Authentication Secure and enhance the user experience by mastering input validation and user authentication. Ensure data integrity and protect your applications from common pitfalls.
  • Lesson 5: Errors and Testing Delve into the realm of program robustness. Understand the common errors, how to prevent them, and the art of testing your code to guarantee it runs seamlessly in any scenario.
  • Lesson 6: Assessment Gauge your depth of understanding and expertise with this comprehensive assessment. This module is crafted to test your grasp of advanced concepts and readiness to tackle intricate projects.
  • Lesson 7: Programming Project Consolidate your learning by embarking on a programming project. Implement the advanced techniques and structures you’ve mastered to create a sophisticated Python program.

With “Programming in Python 2”, you’re not just learning but evolving into a seasoned Python programmer. By the end of this unit, the intricacies of Python will be at your fingertips, and you’ll be ready to harness its full potential for Programming in Python 3!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Data Structures
  • Data Structures
  • File Handling 
  • Validation and Authentication 
  • Errors and Testing 
  • Assessment 
  • Programming Project 

Course Content

L1: Data Structures – 2D Lists

  • L1: Data Structures – 2D Lists

L2: Data Structures – Dictionaries

L3: File Handling

L4: Validation and Authentication

L5: Errors and Testing

L6: Assessment

L7: Programming Project

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