Symbol Puzzle – AQA A Level Computer Science Paper 1 (Python) 2024

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About Course

Symbol Puzzle Course is designed for A-level computer science students preparing for the June 2024 Paper 1 examination on the Symbol Puzzle game in alignment with the A Level Computer Science course AQA offers. The pack includes.

  1. Game Explanation: Offers a clear, student-friendly explanation of Symbol Puzzle, simplifying the game mechanics with diagrams for easy understanding.
  2. Class Diagram: Includes a class diagram outlining relationships between classes in the game, helping students grasp object-oriented programming concepts.
  3. Method Summaries: Each class and method in the game is summarised, explaining their functionality and interactions, making programming concepts accessible.
  4. Code Explanation: Provides detailed, easy-to-understand explanations of every class and method tailored for students.
  5. Theory Questions: Contains THREE sets of theory questions (Section C type) with answers, testing students’ understanding of computer science theories. Each set contains 15 questions. The theory questions are good for helping students to search through and understand how the game works.
  6. Modification Questions: Features TEN realistic modification questions (Section D type) with answers, encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving.
  7. Exemplar Solutions and Mark Schemes: Offers complete solutions and suggested mark schemes for all questions and tasks, including a customised electronic answer document (EAD) that can be used for internal assessment.
Symbol Puzzle from AQA

This pack is an essential tool for teachers, enhancing the teaching and learning experience in A-level Computer Science.  Please contact us with any queries.

See our set of mock paper 1 questions that cover the entire specification.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Key Computer Science concepts in the symbol puzzle game

Course Content

The Main Method

  • The Main Method

The Puzzle Class

The Pattern Class

The Cell Class

The Blocked Cell Class

Theory Questions

Practical Programming Questions

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