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Fundamentals of Communication and Networking


Course Content

01 Communication Methods
How is data transmitted across a network?

02 Communication Basics
What are the factors that affect data transmission?

03 Network Topology
How are topologies commonly used in networks today?

04 Types of Networking between hosts
What are peer-to-peer and client-server networks?

05 Wireless Networking (Part 1)
How are wireless networks built?

06 Wireless Networking (Part 2)
How do wireless networks operate?

07 The Internet and how it works (Part 1)
How is the internet structured?

08 The Internet and how it works (Part 2)
How are resources located on the internet?

09 Internet Security (Part 1)
How do internet security techniques operate?

10 Internet Security (Part 2)
How is the internet threatened and how can it be better protected?

How is the TCP/IP stack structured?

12 Standard Application Layer Protocols
What are the standard protocols in the application layer and what are they used for?

13 The Network Layer
What are the IP protocol standards?

14 DHCP and NAT
How are networking addresses assigned and used?

15 Client Server Model ,Thin and Thick Client Computing
What is the difference between thin-client computing and thick-client computing?

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