Programming in Python 1 – COMING SOON
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Project 1:  Book Title Generator


Use this link or the replit below to complete the project.

Write a Python program that generates a title for the next best-seller book. The program should:

  • prompt the user to enter their favourite genre (e.g. Mystery, Fantasy, Romance)
  • prompt the user to enter their favourite place (e.g. beach, forest, city)
  • The program should then print the book title using the following format
"The" <genre> "of the" <place>

For example of the user input were Fantasy and forest.  the title should be “The Fantasy of the forest”.

Welcome to the Book Title Generator.
What's your favorite genre (e.g. Mystery, Fantasy, Romance)? Fantasy
What's your favorite place (e.g. beach, forest, city)? forest

Your book title could be 'The Fantasy of the forest'.
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